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RHC Directors


The Rocking Horse Club is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to provide affordable childcare and support for families to strengthen our local community.  It is overseen by the Board of Directors who form part of the strategic leadership and accountability of the Rocking Horse Club – Pendle Limited.

The Rocking Horse Club provides a range of services including childcare and education in Baby Learners and Eager Explorers; childcare for children in the Nursery School that wraps around their 15 hours of nursery education; support for young children with special educational needs and disabilities; and playgroups. 

The directors have a strategic role in

  • Promoting high standards of achievement and care for the children at Walton Lane.
  • Ensuring the financial sustainability of the Rocking Horse Club whilst keeping childcare fees affordable.
  • Holding the senior leadership team to account, providing challenge and support.
  • Ensuring our services meet the needs of our community.

We would welcome new directors, particularly those who could offer the following

  • Financial knowledge
  • An interest in promotion, advertising, and/or public relations.
  • An interest in seeking and applying for bids and other forms of funding.